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Yoga Scoring System

Yoga Scoring System (YSS) is a web based online software which can be implemented at any Yoga competition / championship.The YSS software provides on-screen judgement system by which the participant, guardians, coaches and all audiences can view the marks obtained in each asana performed by participants. The judges use their smartphones to submit marks of the candidates. So soon as the competition for any batch is over, the result can be displayed or announced.
Yoga Scoring System is the succssor version of Yoga Competition Scrutiny Automation System (YCSAS) which was offline.
The development team is dedicated to improve the system and constantly trying to add new features to it. So YSS, except doing scoring, can do the followings as well:
  1. Different login accounts for Players, Judges, Yoga Centers.
  2. Individual player or Yoga Centers can send names for registration to an event after login
  3. Automatic calculation of date of birth for the candidates.
  4. Automatic group selection on date of birth and gender.
  5. Organisers can have idea of expected number of candidates for an event well in advance.
  6. Acknowledgement Receipt generation after receiving entry fees. The Yoga Centers as well as the Players can get softcopy the the said receipt automatically in their account. The receipt shows the amount they deposited, who has received the amount, date and time, and Tag (Track) nos. they get.
  7. Total amount reveived by entry fees with break ups.
  8. Certificate Generation.
  9. Marksheet Generation.
  10. Scrutiny Sheet Generation.
  11. Storing records permanently for all the competitions for all candidates/players, yoga centers, judges. Just login and get all past records.
  12. Candidate List Generation
  13. Customized Group Creation
We are still working on some more new features like Yoga Social Networking, individual webpage for each Yoga Centers etc. and will be added in future.

History : Yoga Scoring System

Nowadays so many Yoga Competitions are arranged by different Organizations in District, State, National and International level. Almost everywhere they follow manual judgment system where judges use pen and paper to write marks of all participants. The process of calculation of result in manual way in these competitions are very difficult as there are elimination of highest and lowest marks for each asana performed by each candidate. The complexity becomes more where number of candidates are in large numbers. The calculation process takes long time. That is why the result for any group is delayed. Moreover, there is a high chance of miscalculation and thereby erroneous result. In some competitions judges show the marks by raising a number plate, but in the maximum competitions it is absent. So the competitors never know the marks they got.

From this realization, we dreamed about how to make a digital system to bring a new history of Yoga World. In January 2018 we have developed an offline system called Yoga Competition Scrutiny Automation System (YCSAS). We have implemented this in many competitions successfully. But as it was an offline system, our technical team needed to be present at the competition ground. So it was very difficult to attend all events, specially which were far away from Kolkata.

Yoga Scoring System (YSS) is a web based software released in September 2019, which can be implemented at any Yoga competition / championship. The software provides on-screen judgement system by which the participant, guardians, coaches and all audiences can view the marks obtained in each asana performed by participants. The judges use their smartphone to submit marks of the candidates. So soon as the competition for any batch is over, the result can be displayed or announced. It is a very transparent, accurate and paperless process. The overall duration of a competition can be reduced by this system as there is zero delay in calculating results. The guardians and other audiences become happy because everything is transparent to them and there is no error during calculation of result. The system calculates the ranks for all the participants in a particular group. The participants who do not get any position also can come to know their individual marks for the all the asana and hence they will understand and try to improve for the future competitions. In short, the system enhances the glamour, quality and the standard of a competition.

Benefits of using YSS

There are a lots of benefits of using YSS in any Yoga Event. Some of them are listed below:
1. Live and Instant on-screen Marks
2. 100% accuracy in results
3. Completely Transparent System
4. Complete Paperless system
5. The competition becomes of less duration
6. No headache of calculation of results
7. Less manpower required
8. One touch registration
9. One touch Date of Birth Verification
10. Only smart phones with internet connectivity is required.
11. Well-equipped Stage Marshall
12. Competition becomes super easy
13. The marks and results come out directly in the visual display as well as in the website.
14. Anyone can view marks by typing tag/chess number in his phone
15. Marks are stored permanently, so any one can view marks at any time.
16. Guardians, Coaches and other audiences become happy because of transparency.
17. The system calculates the ranks for all the participants in the group.
18. The system enhances the glamour, quality and the standard of a competition.
and many more....

Requirements for YSS implementation

For Judges and all Users: Smartphone with active Internet connection.
For Admin: One Laptop with Internet and a Printer
To Display: Projector (for in house auditorium) or Large Screen Display (for Outdoor) to display marks.

Meet Our Team

Each and every YSS team member has enormous contribution to this system and still they are working on it. But all they do it by voluntarily. They do not get paid as the system is free of cost. They are working hard only for the transperacy of Yoga Competitions.


Senior Developer

B.Tech, Jalpaiguri Govt. Engineering College


Senior Analyst

B.Tech, Heritage Institute of Technology


Technical Expert

B.Tech, Aliah University


Quality Analyst

B.Tech, St. Thomas College of Engineering and Technology


Quality Analyst

B.E., Jadavpur University

Chayan Malick

Technical Expert

DCST, Central Calcutta Polytechnic


Technical Expert

DCST, Central Calcutta Polytechnic


Technical Expert

B.Tech, Narula Institute of Technology




Project Coordinator and Mentor

Meet Our Contributors

We have a large number of contributors from the Yoga Society. The contribution comes in form of mental support and new ideas. They have always encouraged us to make a change in the scoring system. They are like our team members. We pay our sincere gratitude to them.

Jameswar Khuntia (Eswar)

Working in Hong Kong last 16 years

Experience- 51 Years Yoga practice still now; Origin-Lord Jagannath Dham Puri, Odisha, India; Founder-ONLYOGA

Tapas Chakraborty

National Judge

Amal Karar

N.S.N.I.S. Yoga Coach, International Judge

Yoga, Govt of Puduchery, Yoga Exponant, Yoga Therapist & Yoga Writer. Director, Keepfit Group Howrah; Secretary, B.Y.S.P.A.; General Secretary, Yoga Academy

Dr. Biswajit Saha

Yoga Coach and Manager , West Bengal State Council for School Games And Sports

M.Phil (C. U), Ph.D.(W. B. S. U) , D. Y. Ed.( Kaivalyadhama, Lonavla)

Manik Pradhan

Asian Yoga Referee - Asian Yoga Federation

National Yoga Referee - Yoga Federation of India
National Yoga Professional Player - Yoga Federation of India
Associate Member of West Bengal Yoga Association
Associate Member of Hooghly District Yoga Association
Founder & Principal of Hindmotor Yoga Academy

Joydev Sardar

Yoga and Physiotherapy Consultant

Y.T.P.T & M.T.T.C. (Kol) M.M & P.T.T.W.Y.S & D.W.Y.S
EX Yoga Coach of Yoga Medical College (WYS)
Member of District Yoga Olympic Association
Lecturer in R.K Mission Narendrapur (V.T)

Paramita Chakraborty

National Yoga Referee

Debashis Barat

National Yoga Player of School Games Federation of India

Associate Member and Bengal Referee of West Bengal Yoga Association,
Treasurer of Hoogly District Yoga Association,
Head Yoga Teacher of Sheoraphuli Golapbag Unnayan Committee, Debasima Sikshayatan and Naba Yubak Sangha.

Tanuja Dutta

Yogatherapist, National & International Judge

President of North Calcutta Yoga Era Society


Secretary, Sub-Divisional Council for School Games and Sports, Barasat.

Join Secretary, West Bengal State Handball Association

Well Wisher


Eminent Yoga Author & Psychiatrist Secretary, Bardhaman Yoga Centre


PDirector of J. N. Aich Yoga & Physiotherapy Centre


Director / Chairman / Principal The Vedic Yog Peeth, Kolkata


Eminent Yoga Personality International Judge Assam, India


President, International Yoga Foundation



সত্যম্ শিবম্ সুন্দরম্ --কে আদর্শ করে YOGA SCORING SYSTEM ( Y S S ) আমাদের যোগ - পরিবারে এক নতুন পথের দিশারী হয়ে উঠুক।


International Yoga Judge


(Gold Medalist) YOGA , NATUROPATHY And Physiotherapist

West Bengal council of Yoga Naturopathy of Kolkata



Therapeutic Exercise & Physiotherapy Fitness & learning yoga and medical yoga centre. THE BRILLIANT STUDY AND YOGA TRAINING CENTRE


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Yoga Scoring System

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